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For the record

All information found at this website is the result of independant research, 100% copyright free and released into the public domain. It is presented for informational purposes only.

All devices in plans, drawnings & schematics described or sold at this web site are intended for experimental and off-road use only. We do not condone the use of these cells on any automobile that is to be driven on public roads. Any use for which is it not intended is without our concent and beyond our control. Readers are solely responsible for their own safety and use of these devices.

Our cells have not been approved for use with automobiles by the EPA. In fact, the EPA regards these cells as a fuel switiching device and prohibits their use in automobiles. (note 1)

Our cells have not been approved by any automobile manufacturer so, given the still highly experimental nature of HHO cells, your use of a cell on your automobile may void your manufacturers warranty if you still have one. Please check with your manufacturer before installing cells on your vehicle.

The use of Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer electronics have not been approved for use by ANY agency, Federal or State, and is in fact in violation of Federal EPA regulations by tampering with the emission system.

We do not condone anyone making false statements of increases in mpg or reductions in emissions. Our own cells have not been tested to conclusively improve mileage or reduce emissions. Yet.

Please note that Gifts to Zero are not tax deductible as charitable donations. Gifts are just that; An expression of generosity for the work I am sharing freely with mankind. Also, individual gifts of up to $10,000 are not taxable as income so feel free to be generous! ;-)


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Note 1) 40 CFR Part 85 Sub part F requires certification of aftermarket fuel conversions to avoid violating the anti-tampering provisions in Section 203(a) of the Clean Air Act. EPA considers supplemental fuel systems such as an on-demand supply of hydrogen to be a type of fuel switching.

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