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YouTube Samples

Howard Johnson Magnet Motor
Desipte all the people who have tried and failed to replicate this motor, there is still a lot of interest. This is the original Science & Mechanics article and U.S. patent that got me hooked on free energy experiments more than 30 years ago. I have been hosting the web site that archives this material since Feb 1st, 1998. Many have linked to and drawn from this resource so it only makes sense to present it here too. Click here to see.

Wesley's Kapanadze device
Scarecrow interviewed a guy named Wesley who built a device based on the Kapanadze device with the help of others. He's very intelligent and really pumped about his findings. The device is well within my grasp to build and I already had most of the parts. It just doesn't make sense not to give this a try right now. This link takes you to the the photo album of my attempt at the Kapanadze free energy device.

Proof of net gains from HHO!
11/27/2010 Burlington, CT - A small inventor known to the world only as Zero through his remarkably popular YouTube channel ZeroFossilFuel has today concluded testing that proves beyond reasonable doubt a theory among alternative energy researchers that HHO on demand (The the highly explosive product of hydrogen and oxygen from the rapid electrolysis of water) under the right conditions can in fact boost common internal combustion engine by 35% or more. Click here for the full story and the data he reveals.
Wood Burning Rocket Stove Heater

It's done. It works great.
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Muller motor replication
I've been hard at work replicating the Muller Magnetic Motor / Dynamo incorporating some key new elements introduced by RomeroUK into the design. There is a YouTube clip in the sample playlist below. You can follow along on YouTube directly. Sources to the parts I'm using so far are on my Muller Motor Update page. If it works, this web site will be updated with full blueprints & tutorial videos to replicate.

VFPMM Concept
Oh great. Another loony permanent magnet motor idea to waste time with. Right? Well, maybe. But the potential benefits are just too great not to try it. So here it is. The Vortex Field Permanent Magnet Motor or VFPMM. Click here for full article.

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