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probably the most important Keshe info yet...

Started by JohninBC, September 24, 2015, 04:35:11 PM

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Some very important information. The foundations of the solution have been revealed that will take all of us into the abundance we are destined for. Parse this around and get ready for never having to go without energy, food, water, shelter or possibilities... It all is moving into our experience and it's down to a few weeks for the complete "in yer face" reveal and dissemination of the physical aspect of this tech.... Of course, if you don't want to wait, you can build one yourself with coconuts and scrounged house wire.... LOL Even a kid can do it.

80th Knowledge Seeker's Workshop. Plasma power unit will be released globally mid October.


Thank you for sharing this link. I have just two questions before I waste 2 hours 40 minutes suffering through another session of Mr Keshe scribbling on a dry erase board. Have you built one and can you show it working?


If you were to watch that presentation of October 16th, you would know about the sharing of completed units to several ambarseadors from around the globe. You would also know that during the week of the 26th, there will be step by step explanations on how to build, connect and use your own system. These teachings will be suitable for children to grasp the concepts and do the work. From then on, anyone that wishes to posses a system that can provide all the necessities of life will be able to have one, either through direct purchasing, charity or self-responsibility.
If you still think this is a hoax or scam of some sort, please give your head a shake. Scam artists would not be so brazen as to put all the information out there for anyone to replicate. Scam artists would not invest millions into the scam and then give away the information for free. Scam artists would not get multiple governments involved and risk arsearseination, or other very serious repercussions by offering systems that will have the effect of bankrupting mega billion dollar energy companies and the criminal element that relies on them.

The Keshe Foundation has the full support and cooperation of the Italian government, as well as many others, and the Canadian government has tried to create legislation to block the information, essentially trying to make Keshe Technology "illegal" in this country.
There are several hundred Keshe Foundations being formed globally with all revenues generated staying with the groups that generate it. Not something that would profit a scam artist much.
These are only a few of the "public knowledge" evidences available to ponder.
For anyone that puts a serious study into the tech, it is actually pretty simple once one overcomes the imposed limitations of "physics". After all, in 1850, folks said human flight was impossible.

Please don't let what you think you know and what you don't know get in the way of learning. If you feel that what Mehran is sharing is a waste of time, then so be it. That is, of course, your choice. Foolish as it may be.