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K&J Magnetics, Inc World's strongest magnets

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If you would like to have your product evaluated and published, you may send a NFR sample to my P.O. box. Please advise if I should be expecting a package delivery as I don't always get to the post office regularly. If the package is very large, please contact me privately to arrange for shipment. NFR samples may undergo destructive testing and are therefore generally not returnable.

Reviews of HHO related products will be shared with and published at the IHHOF. However, reviews are not limited to HHO related products, although it should be noted that my location does not lend itself well to wind energy products. I do have good southern exposure to the sun and I do have a moderate flowing stream nearby that flows year round for testing of Micro-Hydro.

As of today, March 8, 2009, I have 9147 subscribers to my YouTube channel. If I REALLY like your alternate energy product I may continue to use it in my recorded ongoing alternative energy experiments.

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This category includes Electric vehicle conversions, add-ons and accessories.
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