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I have been criticized lately for being openly critical of Sterling Allan who seemed more upset and betrayed with my house of cards remark at than he did with the article itself (the first in a series of four) which paints a very unflattering picture of Sterling and details a long history of reports on scam after scam after scam. He moaned that he thought I was his friend. The truth is I AM his friend & real friends are truthful, even if it hurts. Scarecrow weighed in at one point thanking Sterling for reporting on free energy technologies for us. Reporting? This is one point which Scarecrow and I will have to agree to disagree on.

Sterling wants to be the one who breaks the big story on a new technology that when released transforms humanity. I get that. I'd even like to be one to demonstrate a working replication of same.

But, in my own humble opinion, what Sterling does stopped being reporting a long time ago. He's been a one man PR campaign for practically every free energy technology that has crossed his desk. That's why people like Paul Pantone, Fast Freddy, John Rhoner, Mike Brady, Muammer Yildiz and dozens more LOVE Sterling. They know he will hail their gadget from the rooftops as if it's already a foregone conclusion that it works BEFORE demanding proof. Even if he doesn't say it outright, he expresses it by his unbridled exuberance over it. Then he asks his readers for money to go see it. Then asks the inventor for proof. Then tells us why he got suckered. We have witnessed this same scenario play out over and over and over.

And THAT, my friends, is why people accuse Sterling of scamming. By not properly vetting the technologies first and ignoring obvious red flags, he is providing a stamp of approval and a venue for “inventors” to lure unsuspecting investors. In so doing he becomes an accomplice to the scam. What he is doing is a DISSERVICE to the free energy movement. It's just wrong. To be quite frank, I am surprised he has not already been named in lawsuits filed against the scam artists he has helped to promote! That is why, rather than just ignoring him, I am being so openly critical of him, to alert others of his “reporting”. That is why I will be endorsing Revolution-Green over PESN because that is where people will be able to read about REAL science making REAL strides in conventional, renewable and exotic energy technologies, reported on with restraint, VETTED BEFORE THEY ARE HAILED!!!

I am going to the Bedini-Lindemann conference in Idaho at the end of June because Eric Dollard, who will be speaking there, has successfully replicated and DEMONSTRATED most, if not all of Nikola Tesla's patents. Lindemann and Dollard are old college buddies and that's why Eric is speaking at this conference. He has something to share with the world and I want to bring it to you.

That is also why I am not ashamed to ask for donations to help fund my trip. Unlike Sterling, I make no promises other than that I will report without bias and apply what I learn to the experiments I perform from a man that I believe may hold the key. And that may just change the world as we know it.

Wish me luck!



Is Mr. Keshe everything that he claims? Does he really have and understand technologies that will completely transform humanity as he is boldly claiming? Or is he vying to become one of the greatest bullshitters of all time? Or even worse, a wolf in sheeps clothing?

I am certain people here are going to criticize me for making this comment. It will likely also be edited (if not discarded altogether) by the forum censors. And so, if this post does end up being censored or discarded, let it be known that there are people here who have had enough of nothing more than lip service and excuses.

There is no doubt that Mr. Keshe is a very intelligent man. He is also a marvellous philosopher. We all want to believe what he is preaching and that the technologies he is claiming actually exist. However, his talents and philosophies also make him perfectly suited to be the ultimate conman for those who desire what he preaches so deeply that they will believe anyone making such bold claims.

The fact remains, extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof. And the fact is, we have yet to see any evidence that his technology actually exists, let alone incontrovertible evidence. We also have not seen any working replications of his designs as he claims have been made by groups around the globe. Why would they not come forward? I certainly would. All we have is the word of an Iranian citizen who set up his base of operations in Belgium, who has stated he has no interest in dual citizenship, distributing his "technology" via USB sticks to foreign embassies.

Suppose for a moment that this man is sympathetic to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Do you suppose that Ahmadinejad has forgotten the way viruses were planted in computers used at his uranium enrichment facilities for the production of nuclear weapons, crippling them for a time? Can you think of any better way to exact revenge than to get nations around the globe to accept USB devices with as yet unknown, and therefore undetectable trojan payloads triggered at his command, distributed by an honest and trustworthy figure such as our Mr. Keshe here?

First and foremost, I would urge any embassy that has accepted this "gift" to treat it as they would any time bomb. Secondly, I am tired of words. It is time for Mr. Keshe to put up or shut up. Fish or cut bait. Piss or get off the pot. Or any number of other colourful phrases that may apply.

Peace and good will to all men.


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Proof (cont.)

The purpose of this series of testing was to prove or disprove once and for all the validity of claims being made by HHO enthusiasts that they were achieving mileage gains from their devices attached to their car engines despite the fact that it requires energy from that same engine to create the HHO. Skeptics contended that it voilates the law of conservation of energy. Proponents contended that the effect of HHO mixed with the gas/air charge behaves as a catalyst creating a much more efficient burn of the gasoline which is typically less than 20% efficient to begin with, and that it does not violate conservation of energy because the total system still can not exceed 100%.

In a nutshell, Zero (or Z as his friends call him) took a 3HP Briggs & Stratton engine and tested with no load, 1/3HP and 2/3HP passive load to simulate relative conditions of an automobile. Each of these conditions was tested with no HHO, 335ml/min HHO (5A or 1/6HP) and 670ml/min HHO (10A or 1/3HP). IN ALL CASES, Z RECORDED THE SAME NET GAINS. He expected the gains would roll off under load as the relative percentage of HHO dropped but it did not. ROI was LINEAR ACROSS THE BOARD! "You get back what you put in. Period." Z said.

When Z went to 20A on the HHO cell (1.3LPM) it was too much HHO for an unmodified system without retarded timing (Our apologies to Massachusetts readers in whose state it is now illegal to use the term retarded). "With this much HHO it becomes the fuel" Z said "rather than a catalyst for the gasoline, detonating too far in advance and actually causing a loss of efficiency."

Z reiterated "This is NOT OVER UNITY! Mixing HHO with the gasoline acts as a catalyst to make the gasoline burn more completely INSIDE the combustion chamber where it can do work against the piston, rather than burning slowly out the exhaust where all that energy is lost as heat. We're not creating energy. We're simply recapturing lost energy. But the ROI is greater than 2:1 and that is exciting!"

The thing to remember is efficiency counts. Low efficiency cells will still clean the exhaust (I did smell the difference) but the energy equation is still negative. You need an efficient cell to get over the hump. Trouble is catalytic converters are maintenance free. Controllers like the Square 1 Energy Servo Integrated Controller will go a LONG way toward making HHO as maintenance free as it can possibly be.

Click here for the spreadsheet that Z created which records all of his engine efficiency test data. Click here for his YouTube playlist created specifically to this entire test series that he conducted, also viewable in the Video Vault here at

Scam artists scram

While it can be argued that Google controls the content of advertising on AdSense partner sites such as this one, web site owners do have some control over which ads are allowed with the competitive ad filter feature. There was a time when my AdSense units were being mercilessly spammed with HHO scams, most of them hosted in China, until I made a HUGE stink with Google over it. Even today I still see new HHO scams from time to time although not hosted in China. And I continue to build my filter list to combat the trend. My list presently has 124 blocked URLs and I will continue to block any advertiser that dares to try to leverage the popularity of this site for their unjust gain. Period.

If you would like to use my own banned list as a framework for yours, click here.

Just say NO to forced vaccination!

This is probably the most important video I have produced yet to date and it has nothing to do with alternative energy. We have all been led to believe by our governments that the recent detected cases of swine flu could reach pandemic proportions and should be cause for concern to us all. This sounding of an alarm has been carried by the news media like the good soldiers that they are for the forces that presume to rule us all. Please watch.

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Alma True Ott, Ph.D. report on Bird Flu Hoax, 12 parts - YouTube vid
More on the pharmaceutical cartels - YouTube vid
Swine flu jab link to killer nerve disease - Mail Online article

Prepare to be horrified and angry. Hopefully it will awaken you and move you to take action. We are out of time.

Zero's Flu Season Common Sense Tips

#1) Resist any temptation to touch your face. Use facial tissue to wipe sleep from your eyes. Studies have shown in order to contract the flu it must reach the nasal membranes. It can reach the nasal membranes by "rubbing" your nose, rubbing your eyes which drain into the nose, or inhaling airborne spray from someones recent nearby sneeze. To prove the point they even swabbed the flu virus to the back of the throat of a test group. Not one of them contracted the disease.

#2) Think about what you grab in public places and ask yourself, is everyone else grabbing the same thing? Did persons before you cough into their hands (or worse) before grabbing it too?

#3) Keep a folded paper towel in your pocket or purse at all times. Use it to open doors that cannot be opened without your hands. Open doors that swing away with your foot or bump the handle with your hip.

#4) Men, flush non-automatic public urinals with the back of your elbow. Men and women, flush public toilets with your leg. Cover the seat with toilet paper. Open the stall door handle with toilet paper.

#5) When washing hands in a public place, dispense paper towel and leave it hanging before washing. After washing, do not touch the handle. Leave the water running until you grab the paper towel and dry your hands. Use that paper tower to turn off the water and to open the door to exit. Toss the paper towel in the trash on your way out. Hold the door open with your foot if you must.

#6) Use paper towel around gas pump nozzles.

#7) FORBID your coworkers from using your keyboard, mouse or telephone. Do not use theirs without their permission.

#8) Avoid shaking hands with others. Wave, bow or do the Howie Mandel fist bump. It's catching on!

#9) Carry hand sanitizer in your pocket or purse. Use it every time you were unable to avoid possible contamination.

#10) At the resteraunt buffet, sanitize your hands every time you return to your table. Tongs and salad dressing ladels are virus hotspots. So are the menus.

#11) Sanitize shopping cart handles at the grocery store before grabbing on and pushing it around the store.

#12) Turn light switches on and off with your sleeve.

#13) Eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C. Take a multivitamin. Stay fit.

#14) Learn how to make high quality ultra small particle colloidal silver and start taking it at the first sign of flu. Take orally and as a nasal mist.

#15) Help stop the spread. Cough into the bend of your sleeve, not into your hand. You're contageous long before you even know you're sick.

"They" are not worried about your health. "They" are worried about the interruption of commerce. "They" know most people are too stubborn or too stupid to follow these simple guidelines. So "they" want to vaccinate us "for our own good".

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