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Zero's Hall of Fame
This is my place to showcase some of the awesome replications of my devices. To all who make it into this section of my web site, a hardy well done! If you have replicated something I've designed that you would like to see featured here, just drop me a note and show me your stuff!
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Glen's VSPB cluster cell
Glen made up a couple of cells based on my original VSPB. Threaded rods connect the electrodes.
If you read my EFIE plans page today you'll know I have lost faith in their ability to fulfill their task. Be that as it may, this is a very good replication made from the plans I show elsewhere on this site
Paul's VSPB
A virtually identical copy of my VSPB cell.
Pete R's VSPB cell
This VSPB replication was made from what looks like galvanized steel nailer strips from a lumber yard. Despite the very good construction, I doubt they held up very well in electrolyte over time.
PWM Down Under
John Smith (Yes really) made this little beauty. Click here to see several shots he sent me of the interior.
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