Author Topic: concerns about energy sources vs the populations acceptance  (Read 2480 times)

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concerns about energy sources vs the populations acceptance
« on: November 05, 2014, 08:01:09 PM »
  This thread is posted to voice a concern and I hope, stir up some opinions. As I have noticed from the general public's reactions to gas prices falling slightly, an increase in extracurricular driving inevitably is the response. Feed prices rise, and non food sources, i.e. burger joints or other fast "food" businesses show a marked profit margin. As phones and other devices are offered to the public at discount prices, which to their credit operate on very little batteries, I also need to address that each time we utilize these items, man power, design, engineering, permits, taxes, construction and powering of the Wi-Fi, satellite, or cellular service is still running in the background 24 hrs a day and that machine is anything but satiated. The very existence of these little gizmos and gadgets that cost "in hand", only pennies to operate, costs more than using a toster oven. We don't concern ourselves with what trudges on behind the curtain. It's an abstract.
  That premise being in mind, I wish to address the topic of renewable, and perhaps even free energy devices that, if we're to be released publicly, for anyone, anywhere to build and use freely given.

 I will not enter into any cover up or conspiracy quips or ramblings, just straight forward, deductive reasoning. If a solution to world power and energy demand was found, and released for everyone, I submit that from what I have personally understood of people in general, the scale of chaos and unrest, could cripple any progress towards enlightenment and peace. I say this only based on the simplest, most fundamental principles of modern society. As a society whose monetary system is now solely based on contracts, future debts, and wether or not we like it, status, those values are what drives the society to work, and even maintain a measure of civility. One cannot enjoy freedom to decide what to eat or who to take out dancing from an 8 by 9 cell... But if we could wipe our own asses, those future debts that our monetary system is founded upon would fail, and those disruptions in the monetary system, could have no measure of security, no method of stabilizing. Global financial crisis.  From my most basic understanding of mankind, we are a fickle, and childish species.  I want desperately to provide for myself and my neighbor, to be responsible for the choices I have made, and to take responsibility for the stewardship left to me as a birthright from those who gave all so we can thrive as a people. But that responsibility comes with a duty and accountability I take seriously. I spend a great deal of time working to find methods to supplement and lessen my need for fuels and home heating. I personally believe that the QEG is a flying crock, but I also believe that many solutions have come before, and many more will come again. And I also believe that I am not the only one who has been kept up at night working out wether or not I am adding fuel to the fire. I am afraid to keep going at times, often questioning if I am paving the road to hell with my good intentions.... please feel free to comment, call me crazy, or share your thoughts... especially if you have made it through this far....

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Re: concerns about energy sources vs the populations acceptance
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2014, 07:03:53 AM »

Where to begin.

Don't give up, I have been through a lot in life myself and always find life will always throw you something, sometimes in just the smallest way if you are still open to see it.
Nature i find is always the most amazing thing to just sit and watch, if you can see it somewhere in life or space, then you know it can be done, and the fact life is even here can be enough, even tho most of the human race seems to have lost sight of where all the most basic of technology started from.

If the ultimate solution for energy demand came about, it would require a large shift in how the system we all live by works.
If we all lived in a world where everything was free, the motivation to contribute for a large part of the population would be gone.
i myself believe money is not worth what we where all taught to believe growing up, but it does help motivate people to help out and work to contribute in life keep thing's moving.
i Agree what you have said about mankind, but in mankind's defense we are only as good as the ones who have imprinted on us growing up.
Not many people are able to stop and think back on everything to better themselves mentally because most are to busy trying to make a living to survive with how the world is currently.

If you like i'll share somethings i know.
Deductive reasoning and well lets just say i made some mistakes in past and found out the hard way.
like Science Vs religion.
Given how the written word and how language has evolved and changed over the last 2000+ years and beyond.
and whats left of religious text and what people have done with it over the centuries and how it was used manipulate others.
Well the original understanding was lost a long time ago.
Given my not so good experience in real life mainly from being manipulated by others and basic scientific understanding.
take the Concept of Artificial insemination in dog breeding. I used to be a very respected dog trainer and dog show person about 10 years ago.
Artificial Insemination is the process of collecting a Male Dogs seamen/sperm in a cup/jar, then implanting in female dog/bitch who is ovulating with something like a turkey baster.
a few basic parts of bible that are easy to understand as far as shouldn't sleep with other men, i do like gay people, and have a lot of gay friends.
But the underline fact of that part of the bible is the probability of one of the men having a wife and transferring another man's seamen/sperm to there wife unknowingly at the wrong time.
Basically accidentally causing an Artificial insemination.
Given the right time frame and conditions.
And of course a the joke among dog breeders in Aus is how god spelt backwards is dog.
All i will say on that one is, when i worked that one out, quite a lot woman in the dog breeding world in Aus really didn't like me telling anyone.

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Re: concerns about energy sources vs the populations acceptance
« Reply #2 on: December 03, 2014, 05:43:29 PM »
Well, your concerns are noted and not entirely invalid. But here's the question. Will you let your fear of the unknown prevent you from working toward the goal of free energy? The monetary status quot is so fragile because it's a house of cards. Collapse is inevitable with our without our help. In fact, it's being deliberately steered in that direction by those in power.

In that period, if energy were free or nearly free we could still at least move about and heat our homes. Also keep in mind that it could not possibly all happen all at once. TPTB would not be quick to allow mass production. They would still do everything in their power to suppress it. Only a small percentage of us are actually capable of replicating a technology of that caliber. It would take hold slowly but it certainly would also mark the true beginning of the end for the ruling class.

I do not share your vision of gloom and doom for the rest of us. People would rediscover community. Local monetary systems would pop up again as they have in the past to replace debt based FRN's. People would barter more. Life would go on. And there would be no reason to be enslaved to the elite class as they would like us to be. SO WHAT if some just live for the sake of living and contribute little to society so long as they can live in reasonable comfort? Observe nature. There is balance. We have lost that balance to the hands of the few. It's time to restore balance.

My 0.02BTQ.