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Mailing address

Please send all correspondence to

Zero Labs
P.O. Box 1202
Burlington, CT 06013


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Please note: I still work for a living and am not unplugged from The Matrix. Most times you will get my voicemail. I try to return all calls except for the following:

  • If you've got a great idea you want me to try, please put that in an email. Otherwise, just built it!
  • I am not interested in affiliate partnerships.
  • I don't have time to tutor or have someone "pick my brain".

If it's not already covered in my FAQ, pretty much anything else goes.

zerofossilfuel at gmail dot com.

Public encryption key
If you've got something important to send that demands absolute secrecy, use PGP only to encrypt it against my public key found here. DO NOT USE ONLINE EMAIL SERVICES THAT CLAIM TO OFFER PRIVACY SUCH AS HUSHMAIL! They are owned or controlled by intelligence agencies.
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