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What is Zero all about?

Politicians babble on about reduced dependency on foreign oil. What about reduced dependency on all oil, foreign and domestic? What about the elimination of our dependency altogether? People are always seeking ways to create energy savings, to increase their gas mileage, reduce waste, insulate their homes, etc. These are all good first steps. However, we know that there is no need for dependency on energy from any third party whatsoever. Furthermore that there is no need to destroy our planet for this energy.

In our quest for the truth we need to remain on guard against the most massive global propaganda campaign of misinformation being waged against us in the history of mankind. Be wary of anyone offering to fund your projects for controlling interest in that project or requirement that you protect it with a patent. For decades, patents all over the globe have been suppressed due to the inevitability that devices built and sold based on the principles described therein would force the total economic ruin of petroleum producing nations, the complete decentralization of power generation and totally eliminate the need for the consumption of fossil and nuclear fuels of any kind, for the production of energy of any kind, be it electrical, heat or motive force. Period.

Granted, when these former patents become known to the public or new devices are released into the public domain and they are replicated, it will likely result in political shifts in power and global economic chaos for a time. It will, without a doubt, completely wipe out many industries, especially the petroleum industry which will all but disappear forever. Never completely, though. We'll always have a need for plastics, lubricants and other petroleum products, just not for energy. Given the benefits of zero environmental impact or even reversal of the harm we have already caused and the virtually eliminated financial burden on businesses and families for energy, who can deny that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages?

Just imagine never wanting for energy again. Imagine no coal fired power plants belching out black soot and pollutants to satisfy our gluttonous energy needs, but rather, clean, quiet electric generators in every basement. Imagine cars with NO exhaust and no engine noise that can't run out of gas and deliver more horsepower than most sports cars of today. Imagine no gas stations contaminating our ground water, no oil barges or derricks spilling crude. Imagine no power lines, no pipe lines, no wind turbines, no solar panel arrays, no hydroelectric dams cluttering up our landscapes. Imagine taking a breath of fresh air again or basking in the sun without fear of cancer. Imagine restoring and preserving this tiny spaceship earth for our children. We are empowered, and thus obligated to do so.

My mission through this web site is dedicated toward the realization of this goal. All of my alternate energy research once published here, on YouTube and any other medium is immediately released into the public domain without limitation. Build it, use it, even sell it. BUT YOU MAY NOT PATENT IT AND YOU MAY NOT BURY IT!

Consumers should also be wary of anyone selling products that seem too good to be true. For the most part they probably are. To that end I will soon be providing a testing service to validate or invalidate claims being made by manufacturers for their energy saving or mileage boosting devices should they have enough confidence to even send one to me for unbiased examination. If they won't it's a good chance you don't want their products anyway.

"History is full of people who out of fear, ignorance, or lust of power have destroyed knowledge of immeasurable value which truly belongs to us all.

We must not let it happen again."
-Carl Sagan

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